The explosion of data and information has created a new paradigm in M&A

Towards the end of 2021, Sealk CEO Hugo LE HOUARNER spoke with French Magazine Décideurs Magazine – Groupe Leaders League about the importance of leveraging data intelligently in M&A deal sourcing.

Deal origination consists predominantly of collecting and manipulating data with the aim of understanding sector-wide trends, generating ideas, and identifying pertinent companies at the right time. When it comes to dealing with large volumes of data from various sources, which is essentially what the first phase of origination consists of, technology is clearly more capable and efficient than humans. It has become impossible to neglect the use of technology in this field.

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of sources you analyse before compiling your list of targets, bidders or comparable companies, then request a trial of Sealk !

Link to the French article : “L’explosion des données et des informations a créé un nouveau paradigme”

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