AI-Powered M&A Deal sourcing

AI-Powered M&A Deal Sourcing
& Market Intelligence

Intelligent Data Aggregation & Search Platform

Find the Right Company
At the Right Time
For the Right Deal


Gain time and efficiency by automating repetitive and time consuming manual tasks


Leverage intelligent and searchable data when building or reviewing lists of companies


Access to global and exhaustive data covering all sectors, all companies' sizes and geographies

All Your Sourcing Data in One Place

Access to Data Gathered & Processed from Multiple Sources

Turn large volume of raw and complex data into actionable insights powering smart and insightful search features

More Intelligent & Searchable Data

Uncover Hidden Opportunities in One Search

Easily scan markets, analyse industry trends and identify relevant buyers & sellers thanks to our state of the art semantic data and algorithms

Make Your Deal Sourcing Smarter

Transform Manual Process Into Intelligence​

Make your manual process both more efficient and more intelligent by leveraging artificial intelligence when building and reviewing list of companies

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Who are using SEALK

Consulting & M&A Advisors

Private Equity Investors


  • "SEALK’s data acquisition capabilities and its very robust recommendation engine enable us to uncover potential targets that would have been missed in more traditional target identification approaches. Its slick and fast user interface means easy and wide adoption."
    Global Private Equity fund investing in both the US and Europe

  • "SEALK is offering new deal sourcing capabilities to our investment teams by allowing them to efficiently identify opportunities and access to intelligent insight and informations around both companies and sectors."
    Global Consulting & M&A firm based in the US

  • ”SEALK is to us both an enabler and an accelerator. It significantly helps us to gain time and identify new companies and emerging trends in our market screening exercises. In few clicks we have access to an exhaustive list of companies ranked and processed intelligently.”
    Global Consulting firm based in Europe

  • ”SEALK helps to go from a one week company screening process to a few hours process while allowing us to identify companies we were not able to identify otherwise.”
    European Corporate M&A team screening global companies

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SEALK is an artificial intelligence solution dedicated to facilitating deal sourcing for the M&A, Private Equity and Consulting industries

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