Intelligent Search Engine Coupled with Data Management and Enablement Capabilities

Search Features

Generate Intelligent List of Companies, Sectors, Trends and Past Transactions

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate transaction ideas and identify companies or trends you might not have identified otherwise. Build your list of targets or bidders, screen and map sectors, identify comparable companies, generate a list of precedent transactions and many other use cases to discover by reaching out to us

Screen markets, landscape a market of interest, define a universe of companies, identify new prospects, identify new investments opportunities

Identify related companies (peers) either to find new investment opportunities, screen valuation peers, perform competitor analysis or benchmark companies

Identify build-up opportunities, generate long list of potential targets, generate long list of potential buyers

Understand M&A trends, identify emerging trends from market players and generate list of M&A rationales

Generate lists of companies operating in trending spaces and companies’ fitting with your preferences

Identify and track M&A and market trends and access to a personalised and intelligent feed of alerts and informations

Explore list of precedent transactions related to a company or business activity

Access to meaningful information, deal signals and intelligent insights on companies with data gathered and processed intelligently from various sources (data vendors, company websites, news, etc.)

Data Management & Enablement​​

Store and Gather all your Sourcing Data in one Place

Use SEALK to create one point of access for all your sourcing data and make them actionable for machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms

Store and manage your deal sourcing data and lists of companies in one place

Share lists and collaborate with your team members directly inside the platform

Connect your proprietary data sources to the solution (data vendors, CRM, etc.)

Ready to make your deal sourcing smarter ?

Sealk is an artificial intelligence solution dedicated to facilitating deal sourcing for the M&A, Private Equity and Consulting industries

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