The Power of Semantic Data for Deal Sourcing

SEALK, AI-powered M&A deal sourcing platform, sets itself apart with its advanced use of semantics. This allows more nuanced and sophisticated approach when it comes to data categorisation, analysis and retrieval, which helps to uncover companies, that can not be found otherwise.

Where can I see the semantic analysis?

Every company profile on SEALK has a semantic section, which is designed to provide a clear and concise description of company operations. By categorizing the tags, we aim to make data more purposeful and easier to process.

Through SEALK’s semantic analysis, we can comprehend that Deezer is a worldwide music streaming platform that provides additional content such as podcasts, audiobooks, and radio. Get further insight by looking into Deezer’s value-chain positioning and distribution channels effortlessly, without the need to compile, read, and cross-check the company’s data.

Picture on the left : Semantic analysis from SEALK Deezer’s company profile page

How can I make these tags actionable in my search?

From the very first search query, our search engine leverages semantics to enhance every feature.

After the initial search, the tags on each company profile can be used in Advanced Semantic Criteria to increase the accuracy of search results by better aligning with the user’s needs. This post-processing capability is designed to improve information retrieval, eliminate unwanted patterns (noise), and emphasize specific concepts.

Advanced Semantic Criteria is available on Sector Mapping, Comparable Companies, Target & Bidders and Lead Generation features.

What categories are available for me to apply my criteria?

  • Company activity (combines Main activity + Product & Services details): e.g music streaming, HR management, CRM, hospitality, medical trials
  • Value chain position: e.g manufacturer, distributor, service provider
  • End market industry: e.g. healthcare, entertainment, retail, education
  • Application areas: e.g. security, maintenance, automating intelligence
  • Customer type: e.g. business, doctors, media organisations, teams
  • Distribution Channel: e.g. internet, platform, mobile application
  • All categories: function that enables you to browse through all semantic sections seamlessly

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